Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet Olly!

Everybody meet Olly the maltichon (maltese + bichon frise)!

Olly is the white one
We brought him home last Saturday. We're suppose to have him for a week, then decide if we want to adopt him but we're already so smitten by him, we have decided to keep him for good.

What do we know about him so far:
  • He's roughly about 4 years old (I'll know for sure when I get all the papers)
  • A sweet little guy with a spunky side to him
  • Loves to cuddle and often ask for a belly rub
  • He's vulgar to other dogs; will go up to them to play and then startled them by screaming in their face LOL (we secretly thinks he's got Tourette syndrome)
  • He's the dog version of Harry Houdini, the great escapologist. He manages to escape the fence that we set up in the laundry room several times. There's also an extra special hook on his crate to secure the door. Thank god he does not escape from the house
  • He loves to eat and eats like a glutton. We are training him not to steal our food but otherwise he's very obedient.
  • He enjoys his walk and loves playing fetch (gotta to remind myself to get him a non-squeaky ball; he enjoys squeaking the ball too much, he forgot to bring the ball back to me sometimes)
  • He only drinks from his water bowl so I'm trying to teach him to share to make things easier when we travel.
I think that's pretty much what we found out about him in these few days of having him around. Looking forward to create more wonderful memories with this ball of joy.

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